I’m quite keen to do my own Best Horrors of the Last Decade post too but for now, these are my favourite films of the year, in no particular order. Although, I’m quite sure Midsommar is my stand out.

*Minor spoilers*


Smart, funny, relatable – with two amazing and likeable leads in the shape of Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein. This is a friendship movie above all with a very surreal and hilarious interval – and I can’t wait to see it again. With support from Lisa Kudrow and Billie Lourd, Olivia Wilde’s feature directorial debut has set the bar incredibly high – for all future comedies and her next movie too.


I’m not always the biggest Gaspar Noé lover but this did it for me. It’s incredibly atmospheric and stylish with characters just begging to have horrible things happen to them. I love all the dance scenes which could be construed as pretentious AF but honestly, a little bit of that never hurt anybody, did it?

I think this is just one to watch if you think it sounds like your cup of tea, you don’t need me waffling on and on about it.


Jordan Peele’s second full-feature horror offering is delicious and I enjoyed it thoroughly. The twist within wasn’t hard to spot, though I wonder if it was supposed to be? For me this is about the nuance of the main characters and their ‘untethered’ doppelgängers.

Lupita plays both parts with relish and is magnificent, while she is supported by her onscreen family members perfectly. Massive shout out to their horrible neighbour/friends lead by matriarch Elizabeth Moss.

Ps. I defy you not to think differently about the Luniz’s I’ve Got 5 On It from hereon – and that underground dance/fight scene: well, it’s left me breathless, frankly.

It Chapter Two

Okay so It in general cannot be accused of being perfect. It’s very messy with some dubious bits and a lot they could have done but didn’t. However, fuck it, this was one of my favourite cinematic experiences this year and I don’t care who knows it. From the opening scene – which was brutal but absolutely how I’d pictured it in my own mind when reading it – to the bitter yet triumphant end: I was all in.

The casting of the grown-ups for the most part was spot on – Richie and Eddie, I’m looking at you. While I’m a little sore that neither film made enough of the bully elements – justice for Henry Bowers – I’m really happy with Pennywise. I feel as though Bill Skarsgård has really grown into the part and made it his own. The scene with just him and the little girl with the birthmark was utterly chilling and memorable.

I want more but I’m also quite pleased it ends here, just like this.

Avengers: Endgame

Obviously this had to make the list because it was everything we’ve worked toward for the last decade. It was sad, thrilling, funny, frustrating – we lost, we won, we got some light relief for a second and then found ourselves crying again. It put us all through the ringer and still, left us wanting more – I want more and I’m ready, bring it on next phase Marvel.

I’m not thrilled about the Thor fat jokes or having to look at Star Lord’s face again – but when all those lost heroes came tearing through the cosmos to take on Thanos for the very last (?) time – FUCK YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!


Arguably the most controversial film of the year, this was actually great. Not that I’m in any rush to give it a revisit any time soon. Phoenix‘s turn as the much-loved titular character is brilliant, sinister as all fuck and sympathetic – there wasn’t a moment I wasn’t on his side which is part of the problem I guess.

There are parts I feel were heavy-handed and unnecessary but for the most part this was an excellent piece of filmmaking with an early Scorcese flavour and I’m glad it exists. I just hope they keep their promise to leave it as a standalone story.


Good old Midsommar is so divisive! I find people either seriously adore it or cannot stand it. I’m obviously in the former camp and I cannot get enough.

I recently bought Ari Aster‘s Director’s Cut which weighs in at a hefty 2 hours 18 and still missed half the details. It’s just so visceral and gorgeous. Florence Pugh is magnetic and as deeply damaged Dani, makes you feel everything with her.

Fuck Christian, fuck his friends and honestly fuck anything except becoming the new May Queen. Amiright?

Marriage Story

I actually think this is one of Noah Baumbach‘s best films which surprises me given it’s subject matter. It’s very bleak and it’s quite hard to relate to these characters who live lives so far from my own. However, both leads – Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver – work really well with the script and there’s something deeply moving about it.

The scene in which Charlie (Driver) finally reads the list his estranged wife Nicole (Johansson) has written about him – and subsequently hidden – is perfect. It gives you hope that after every poisonous word uttered, they might just get it together to bring up their kid together peacefully.

Lords of Chaos

Before this I didn’t know anything about the Norwegian Black Metal Scene and now I know more that I’ll ever need to. The true crime story of Euronymous, arch nemesis Varg Vikernes and the burning of the churches in the name of Satan album publicity is fascinating and Lords of Chaos dramatises it pretty well.

The film itself doesn’t pull any punches when it comes the violence, it’s deeply unsettling in places and doesn’t shy away from self-harm or suicide at all. So it’s not for everyone but I enjoyed it thoroughly and formed quite the crush on Rory Culkin who plays Mayhem frontman Euronymous. Who is the worst for the record.

This movie sent me into a Black Metal rabbit hole and my conclusion is that these little boys had too much disposable income and time on their hands – and are the absolute worst examples of humankind with their horrible views and lack of concern for human life. Makes for fascinating reading though.

In Fabric

What a bonkers flick. It’s utterly baffling in so many ways and yet it’s also one of the most interesting and compelling movies of the year – I can’t describe it or explain it, you just have to watch it. Trust me.

What are your faves of 2019?