I’m actually quite stoked for the new year if I’m honest, although what with one thing or another – the world actually imploding as I type this – it seems incredibly foolish to say that out loud. But, fuck it, I’m a gambler and I hope to have some nice news soon.

Frankly, I had lots of plans for posts to wow you with in the first few days of January and it turns out, I couldn’t be bothered. I’ve put my energy into other more tangible things this week and weekend. I’m not sorry.

I’m currently lying nude on fresh sheets, in a room that has been cleaned and reorganised. Yes even under the bed. It feels new and I like it.

I’ll be back to business tomorrow with a new Blog Collab review and I want to talk about a very odd but good book I read. I’m planning on a lot more free flow posts like this one that don’t really lead anywhere but are hopefully cute and funny.

I also did my first spell on Wednesday which was awesome – and I’ve been thinking a lot about Wicca and cultural appropriation. There’s a lot on my mind so I’ve been sitting with it all this weekend. In between the navel gazing and the hoovering under the bed, there’s been plenty of time for films and reading. I’m currently devouring The Illustrated Man. It’s pretty epic.

Anyway, catch you soon when normal service resumes.

Have a good week.