This movie has a terrible title, I’m sorry. It doesn’t relate to the story at all and should most definitely have been called “Chauncey” after the main protagonist/antagonist. Just a little note to the director.

Thriller (2018)

A childhood prank comes back to haunt a clique of South Central Los Angeles teens when their victim returns home during their high-school Homecoming weekend.

*Minor spoilers*

Lisa Walker and her pals play a very dirty trick on a shy misfit kid in their neighbourhood when they’re all very young. Poor Chauncey finds himself blamed for the accidental death of Amani, who falls over a balcony and dies instantly. Chauncey the child is sent to juvey where he remains for several years.

Meanwhile, the posse, having denied all responsibility for that fateful night, grow up and go about their lives without a care in the world. Well, not really. Lisa (Jessica Allain) is tormented by guilty dreams, while Amani’s twin sister Kim (Pepi Sonuga) still talks to her every day. But for the most part the kids are alright and about to graduate.

The homecoming dance is on the horizon and all is well in the world because nothing bad ever happens around this social event, especially in teen horror movies. But when Chauncey is spotted back in the community, having done his time, we have to wonder (Carrie Bradshaw style): are things about to take a turn?

One by one our friends become victims and it’s hard to feel much sympathy given the way they treat each other. Lisa is dating promising athlete Ty (Mitchell Edwards) – but Ty’s ex Gina (Paige Hurd) isn’t fine with it, determined to sabotage Lisa’s stab at homecoming queen.

Tiffany (Chelsea Rendon) is caught in a love triangle while Kim has her heart set on bagging R&B ‘star’ Unique (Chauncey Jenkins) and sharing the experience on her social.

But the question is, what does Chauncey want? And is he really to blame for everything?

This wasn’t anything new but there was something I quite liked about it. Perhaps I was in the mood for some teen drama. I like the setting and that this boasts a fully black cast. There are no white people swanning in to save the day which is refreshing. It’s also pretty sad.

While Kim hides her pain by playing up to her slutty persona, we get a couple of insights into just how damaged she might be. As a result I over thought what might be going on and I think it would have been a better film had my idea been the ‘twist’. Again, maybe I’ll mention it to the director when I suggest the new title.

There aren’t very many good scares but I liked the idea of it – when the reveal inevitably comes you might wonder if it works, like I did but I had an okay time and that’s fine with me.


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