It seems like absolutely everybody is having a shit time of it right now. I don’t think I’ve known a period like it in a long while.

It’s hardly surprising as we witness the world literally implode under the stress of a pandemic… and every ache and pain feels like the beginning of the end. It’s scary and tiring, and if we can just stop the world, I’d like to get off please. Who’s with me?

There have been a lot of conversations at work about the sickness we won’t name and as a mental health first aider it’s my responsibility to flag any extra anxiety about the virus. There’s a lot of it, buzzing all over the floor.

What I don’t get is the lucky ones who don’t have anxiety about it. How do they remain calm when you can’t move for horror stories and open mouthed coughs on the bus? Genuinely asking for me.

I already worry about everything – dying alone, ageing, the giant golden-crowned flying fox (Google pictures and never sleep again) – this is something else entirely. And I think I need to calm down.

(Pictured candles are helping a bit, these are for luck and protection for everyone I love).

It is hard though when Tesco has been plundered of all its pasta and loo roll, and you long wistfully to go back to the days of Brexit dominating the front page.

In other news, so many of my love ones are dealing with life shit and I wish I could fix it. Life is generally wonderful, it really is but those trials and tribulations, man.

Still, and I can’t stress this enough, something wonderful has happened today. Weinstein got jailed for a cool 23 years and will probably die behind bars. A great result and I admire the incredible women who brought him down so much – so it really isn’t all bad.

Although, Google those flying foxes and you might change your mind.

(Ps. I’m obsessed with them) 🦇❤️