It seems pretty weird to be blogging right now but honestly, what else can we do but get on with normal activity? And when I say that I don’t mean ignoring Government advice and going out unnecessarily. I’m definitely practising social distancing (and thinking about how that term will soon be working its way into the Oxford dictionary).

I won’t pretend I’m not scared, everyone is and this constant level of anxiety is very hard to stomach. Literally. But I also still have a job to do and a family to care about and mental health to maintain – which is why I’ll keep blogging and trying to stay positive until the end. And there has to be an end to this because everything changes eventually.

All this talk of social distancing and its pal self-isolation is quite worrying from a mental health point of view. While having to stay in for potentially twelve weeks in nothing but my pants may sound heavenly, the reality is going to be very different.

We might not be allowed out all. If we’re lucky we’ll be able to maintain work from home (I’m lucky to be able to do this, I know) – but what if the world really does run out of bog roll and pasta? What if this goes on forever? What if is the hardest thing to take about all of this. Nobody knows.

All I can be certain of is that staying in will take its toll on even the most hardy of people – anxiety, depression, cabin fever – we’re such social animals at heart (even if we deny it), how do we adjust? I guess we’ll just have to get on with it because there’s no other choice but it will take some serious adjustment – and now more than ever we have to look out for each other. Which means lots of messaging, meme sharing and video calls (if I can figure out how to make one).

Honestly, I can’t stress enough how much we need to be decent to each other. Like most people have experienced, there’s been so much talk of this around the workplace – and it doesn’t yet feel like we’ve all come together. There are lots of different types of people in this totally unprecedented situation – naysayers, drama mongers, sensible souls, calmer downs – I’m not even sure which one I am yet. I just hope we can start acting together soon because I really bloody need it, I’m sure I’m not alone.

Meanwhile, I need to start taking positive steps to keep myself and my new cellmate/husband from jumping off the deep end. My first step in Project Calm going to be avoiding social media where possible. I think I’ll allow myself set (and short) bursts of internet time only. I can’t read about the rising global death count anymore or watch too much of the news anymore, it’s just too much. I’m not burying my head in the sand, I just literally don’t think I can take it any other way.

The good news is that this is probably going to be the last doom and gloom post I’ll write. It’s cathartic to let anxiety out but any more might feel like marinating in it. Instead I’m going to try and focus on the simple things that make me happy, like good books and films. Oh yeah, and we’re getting a cat on Friday – that’s a pretty huge thing and v. good for excellent mental health.

How are you coping? I’m here for virtual chat if there’s anything I can do ❤️