We’re officially on lockdown and I’ve joined the Working From Home crew which I’m actually incredibly grateful for. How privileged to be able to continue my job from the comfort of my own home?

I thought I’d start a series of WFH posts to keep myself sane and amused, though the novelty of it all will probably have worn off by day 3.

I actually got things working without the assistance of the IT bods around lunchtime. “I’ve bloody got this”, I thought until it became clear I shouldn’t have been given a work laptop, and instead should have been using my own. Best laid plans and all that.

So tomorrow I start again from scratch. I think I do got this though, for now. I’m planning on treating myself to a cup of tea and a think on the veranda (door stoop) tomorrow morning, then starting work at nine sharp.

Gilmore Girls has been on in the background this afternoon but I’ve absorbed so much I think I need a break (Dean and Jess have blended into one). Podcasts and the radio are the way forward instead.

I’m looking forward to working in my pants and drinking copious amounts of tea. I’ve ordered some loungewear to start WFH off right. I mean I’m not going out so I’m not spending money on that – ASOS are sending me a decadent velvet two piece tomorrow. Bouji and professional is my vibe.

Though I will get dressed for video conferencing – top probably no bra, the new most underused item of clothing. AM I RIGHT?

Anyone else working from home? Any tips for staying sane, keeping focused?