The world’s imploding and we need fantasy now more than ever. Step up my fantastic post-apocalyptic girl gang.

Who’d be better to roam the new world with, once all this is done, eh?

Selena, 28 Days Later (2002) – played by Naomie Harris

For some reason when I first watched this movie I didn’t warm to Selena. I think she was just too blunt for my liking at the time, which is outrageous really – I mean, who has time for pleasantries in the midst of a zombie apocalypse? Judging from some of the people who can’t send a kind email during a pandemic, not many people.

Now I see her as the ultimate survivalist who not only has to keep saving her own life and make horrible decisions in a matter of seconds, she also has to contend with sexual assault AND trying to protect a recently orphaned young girl from the same. She’s fucking hench and wields a massive machete like Machete himself – and that’s cooler than cool in my book.

Alice, the Resident Evil film series – played by Milla Jovovich

Our girl Alice has been through six whole movies and I can’t remember every little situation she’s been in. All I know is that she’s wicked and adaptable, with the stamina to come out on top. More than capable of taking on your common or garden zombie, she also has experience of bigger ‘boss level’ monsters and zombie hounds. All in the best outfits, looking like the (red) Queen that she is.

Imperator Furiosa, Mad Max: Fury Road – played by Charlize Theron

Well, duh.

Sarah Connor, the Terminator franchise – played by Linda Hamilton

The cool mom of the group – and the original post-apocalyptic archangel, SC is stone cold and awesome AF, afraid of nothing. If there’s any hope left that we’ll have a world and a life to go back to after all this, it lies in the hands of Miss Connor. I couldn’t trust anybody more.

Trinity, the Matrix trilogy (and hopefully beyond) – played by Carrie-Anne Moss

For a start I fucking love the vision of The Wachowskis (if you’ve never seen Sense 8 you’re truly missing out) but they gave us Trinity and for that I will always be grateful. Trin is the perfect blend of softness and strength, and while she kicks ultimate arse, I love when her character is stripped back and vulnerable. She’d be the kindest one in our group, the one to call regularly and give the best advice – but also bash the shit out of haters.

Who’s in your post-apocalyptic Girl Gang?