Like most people, I’m using the power of fantasy to get myself through these uncertain times. While some of the current situation has been welcomed, I’m thinking long and hard about the first things I’ll do when the lock-down is finally lifted.

My first ‘outing’ is going to be Margate, the best place in the country. I long to roam the pretty little streets, weaving in and out of vintage shops, stopping only for brunch and long, tall glasses of full fat cherry coke (or sweet berry flavoured cider). To walk along the beach with the salty wind in our hair, ice cream on my lips and the scent of suntan lotion in our nostrils.

And as the sun goes down, we’ll make our way to a gig at Dreamland. I won’t really care what the music is as long as I can dance to it and feel the grass between my bare toes. I’m not a natural summer bunny but this year, if we’re allowed, I’ll make much more of an effort.

I also can’t wait to get back to the cinema, to take long leisurely lunches with my girlfriends, go for cocktails, go to the theatre, do my hair, get my nails done. I can’t wait to put on a nice dress and have somewhere to take it out.

I can’t wait to get back to sitting in a beer garden after work and podcasting with Matt. I want hugs and stoked arms – and excited laughter in the pub on Fridays. I want busy streets and cafes, bars you can’t get to.

I miss it all very much and can’t wait to have it back.

What are you most looking forward to – and what is the first thing you’re going to do when you’re ‘free’ again?