An update for you since I haven’t really done one since I was furloughed. I was off work for just under two glorious weeks. Even though I know how lucky I am to have had paid time off, it was a strange adjustment to suddenly have all that empty space ahead of me. I spent it binging crime documentaries, reading and napping.

I’ve been telling people that I wasted the days but I don’t think taking that time for myself was such a bad thing. The days had started to drag by the time work decided they needed me back again. So now I’m working from home again and it’s fine. The extra hour in bed and not having to dress if I don’t want to is nice – having work seep into my safe, happy place is not so cool. But needs must and all that – and again, I have to appreciate all I have. My husband is home with me and I have tea on tap – I’m content.

At the moment I’m having a real period of calm and if I’m honest it makes me feel uneasy when I’m not freaking out. Yeah, I’m really worrying that I’m not worrying enough. During this unprecedented shit show I’m guessing that’s actually a normal thing to feel. It is a nice change of speed from stomach churning anguish I guess.

Anyway, call me crazy but I’m settling into this new way of life and we’re managing for now. Each day is different but it feels like less of a slog to survive each one. There’s not much else to report. I miss my friends and I really miss hugging the people I love.

How are you?