A bit of light-hearted fun for Friday because frankly today has been a total bitch. Inspired by the age old question: ‘Who would your fantasy dinner party guests be?’ – this is my dream lock-down ‘household’.

I mean, supposing I live in a huge house and we’re all mostly doing our own thing during the day.

Keanu Reeves

My first crush as an adolescent and my number one celebrity crush now – how is it that this dude keeps getting better and better? He’s also cool, brooding, philosophical, generous, self-effacing – not only would he be the group eye candy, I’m quite sure he’d be the one to talk me off the ledge when I couldn’t handle being cooped up any longer. Maybe we’d fall in love and in this scenario, it would be totally fine for me to reciprocate.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

I’ve recently decided that SMG and I would be friends in real life, based purely on her Instagram. I mean also, it’s Buffy and Buffy is life. While I was late to that particular party, I’m a recent convert and I’m obsessed. SMG meanwhile is the star of many 90’s flicks that have meant something to me over the years; Cruel Intentions, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Simply Irresistible – and I think having such an icon as a roommate would be fun. I imagine she has some young Hollywood stories to keep us up giggling late into the night.

Stephen King

I’d love to spend time talking to Uncle Stephen. Just being in his orbit would please me, no doubt but I wouldn’t expect him to entertain me. Unless he wanted to. We could sit side by side on the couch reading together (me with his own books), and we’d stop every now and again to have a good old chin-wag, sharing anecdotes about life.

Jorja Smith

I am so into this woman. Not only is she beautiful – her voice is heaven on earth and I really love it. I must admit I don’t really know much about her personally and I’m discovering her quite late but I’m really enjoying her music. Jorja would bring the cool factor and maybe keep us chilled in the evenings with a little light entertainment, not that I’d expect my lock-down buddies to have to work while we’re housebound. Also, Jorja always has the best nails, so we could pamper ourselves in tandem.

Philip Seymour Hoffman

The late PSH is my favourite actor of all time and I miss him every day. In this fantasy line up he’d be very much alive and well. I think he’d give great hugs and be a fun grounding influence on the group. Perhaps he’d permit me to watch Flawless with him and we could recite Rusty’s best lines together.

Rusty Zimmerman: Poor me, poor me, pour me another.

Florence Pugh

I choose Florence because she also seems very sweet on the old ‘gram. She cooks an awful lot and has high energy, which I absolutely do not at the best of times. I’d also  like to know her thoughts on what happened next for her character Dani in Midsommar, ‘cos I have lots of thoughts.

Who would you like to bunker down with?