I guess lock-down’s just over then, is it? Judging from this weekend gone and our own ridiculous government, I’d say yeah.

Just the thought of being fully out there again before it’s actually safe is messing with my mind. I’m terrified, not so much about getting sick myself, but of my loved ones contracting COVID from me and not making it through. Maybe that’s a lie, I am frightened of getting ill.

I honestly hope that none of my Lock-Down Diary entries seem flippant because I am taking all this seriously. Sure I’ve leapt at the chance to get out and see friends (once in a threesome)* and maybe I don’t wear my face mask enough – but I understand how much front-line workers have sacrificed and how many people have lost loved ones in the most heartbreaking way. It’s ridiculous to look around our local park and see how many kids (and not just kids tbf) are blatantly flouting the rules. It makes me anxious just to see it.

I literally itch if someone walks too close to me and honestly I don’t understand some of the logic people are using. The thing is, I don’t think we can be held 100% responsible for any confusion. I mean, we’ve been in lock-down for two months and I don’t think I’d pass a quiz on the official ‘rules’. Sure they’ve recently slackened but I’m still not clear. Our own Prime Minister has been so wishy washy in his messaging – “We strongly suggest you don’t go out” – is not definitive enough. How about “You will not go out until I say so.” If my Mum could lay down solid rules when I was 12, why the hell can’t Boris?

Don’t worry, I’m not here to do a political post. I’m just spitballing my feelings. I’m also worried – and this is something I’ve mentioned before – that I’m not worrying enough. For the most part we’ve settled into a groove and it’s working. I do wonder what the future will bring but I’m not thinking ahead that much. One day, one week at a time. I’m content with the small things. My biggest treat is seeing a friend or two during the week and all that really constitutes is a couple of tinnies in the park and a good old decompression session.

WFH has become more normal now and it is nice to have Glynn at home. He’s on Furlough until the end of July which is challenging for him but good news for the upcoming move. He can take on project managing duties for that, which is a relief. If it ever happens – we’re so close I can taste it.

In other news I’ve somehow managed to win the cat over. Snacks have helped but I’ve also started grooming him of an evening – and he loves that shit. It’s embarrassing how much he crumbles underneath my brush. Now he follows me around, even to the loo and we’ve become best friends. I love him so much.

I think he’s going to have a rude awakening when we move him into the new house but ultimately, it’s going to be so much nicer for him. We’ll have a little garden and he’ll have more space to explore. Getting a cat was the best thing we did during the pandemic, if ever – Mittens forever!

So that’s what’s on my mind right now. Not much is happening.

How are you today?

*We genuinely thought it was okay because one of the Tory government said it was in an offical interview. Turns out this was retracted soon after. Guess I didn’t get the memo – see what I mean about confusing?