So much has been said over the last couple of days by much more eloquent voices than mine about the atrocities happening across the US*. I have wanted to say something so many times, going back and forth on what’s appropriate, whether I have anything new to say – whether it’s even my place.

I’ve sat with my thoughts all week, trying to work out how I – as a white woman – can be an ally to my black friends and black people. I will never have an understanding of what it feels like to be discriminated against for my race but I can use the privilege I’ve been afforded to do something.

While my first instinct has been to mostly stay quiet – and share the odd resource on Instagram stories, donate and read as much as I can to educate myself – I realise silent isn’t the thing to be anymore. I’m angry and now’s not the time to be mute. Also, fuck eloquent.

We all, as white people, have so much to learn about the systemic racism we’ve all benefited from – and even if I get it wrong sometimes – I want things to change, they have to change. I’m going to get out there, march, shout – do what I have to do to support black lives.

Here are a few resources that have been useful to me:


Helpful links & places to donate to:

Support black owned businesses

Support the black community by buying from black owned businesses. Boycott white owned businesses that do not speak out against white supremacy and police brutality.

Write to your MP

There’s a good guide to how to do this here.Don’t know who your MP is? Find out at

Just some books to educate yourself about race

Accounts to follow on social media

Films and TV series to watch

More anti-racism resources

I’m quite sure I’ve missed masses of useful information – and all this was put together with bits I’ve collected from the internet – so if you want to share anything, please feel free to comment.

*and across the globe.