Happy October 1st… That can only mean one thing:


One post to be published every day of this month*. It’s kind of a tall order at the moment given I’m already in premature Lock-down 2 mode and not currently doing anything with my life – but I’m going to have a damn good go.

I don’t really know what I’m going to bring you yet, although I’m going to try and write more creatively this spooky season  – expect a lot of free flow.

31 Horrors will feature, as will my spoopy book recommendations for Autumn/Halloween, Blog Collab film reviews, a couple of thoughts on how real life is far scarier than any horror movie – and way more.

It’s literally the best month of the year and the very Don of seasons. I type this wrapped in blankets while the rain hammers down outside.

Bring it on.

*Yes, this intro post is a bit of a cop out so I might deliver something else later on.