Every evening I’ve been sending my wishes out into the universe. All this ritual entails for me is some reflective time, a wad of good paper (powder pink Basildon Bond, if you don’t mind), a pen, candles and something to burn them in – in my case, my tiny cast iron cauldron.

I write my wishes onto a scrap of paper, fold them neatly and burn them in the cauldron while envisaging them all coming true. It’s such a calming meditation and gazing into those flames, which can rise pretty high given half a change, gives me strength. I don’t speak out loud so much, I’m quite an internal witch but I think that’s okay. It’s the intent that matters, and the conviction.

My wishes aren’t just for me, they’re for everyone I know, to keep them safe and happy. Especially now. Sometimes when I go to bed late, I consider ditching this practice, ‘just for one night’ but I haven’t yet, for the last two weeks. It’s part of bedtime for me now, as crucial as brushing my teeth.

Mittens the cat is also attracted to the flames so I’m trying to include him in my ritual. Don’t worry, he’s always safely far away and my altar is set quite high up. But he likes to watch and I often talk him through the magic. He’s hard to read but I think he enjoys being my apprentice. We’ll make a familiar of him yet, albeit an indifferent one.

I had no idea if any of my wishing was being done right but I found this article about a very similar ritual and now I’m going to do this too because it’s better.

You essentially write down all your wishes and you burn them every night. There are no hard or fast rules, you just do what feels right.

I’ve written mine down and so far I have 25 (hence this post title). This number will grow I’m sure. I’ve been burning spell candles too for happiness, luck, success and prosperity (white, green, yellow and purple respectively).

It’s really not taught to us anywhere that we can ask for things from the universe but we can. Same with trust, we need to trust what it has in store for us, I do believe that. I forget this a lot when I allow myself to become weighed down. There’s nothing wrong with putting your faith in the laws of attraction.

It’s also so comforting to have somewhere to direct my anxiety. I love my altar and adding bit by bit to my stash of crystals and magical tools. Having my own tiny space to practice and just be is so grounding. I’m so happy I found Wicca.

Or did Wicca find me?