This is a very lazy thing to do but today I thought I’d share a handful of unsettling longform stories I’ve recently been reading, rather than write anything myself. Longform articles are one of my favourite things to seek out on the internet – and often lead to me falling down the rabbit hole for hours. For some reason, this always seems to be the best idea just before bed, leading to all manner of dodgy dreams.

Without further ado, I’ll let some other writers take over this post. Oh, and if you’re settling down, I recommend a soft blanket, pot of tea and a packet of biscuits – you’re going to be here for a while.

TW: Murders and violence against women, ghosts

A Kiss Before Dying

Betty Williams was a fast girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Mack Herring was a handsome football player with all the right friends. When he broke up with her during her senior year at Odessa High School, her world fell apart. But she asked him for one last favor: to kill her.

This is an outrageous story and it has everything: murder, sex, a horrifying attitude towards ‘loose’ women – and a ghost that roams the halls of a high school. Must read!

The Chessboard Killer

Russia had never seen anything quite like the prolific serial killer Alexander Pichushkin, for whom “life without killing is like life without food.” How many lives did he take? More than Jeffrey Dahmer, Jack the Ripper, and the Son of Sam combined. The terrifying thing is, no one—not even Pichushkin himself—really knows for sure.

This isn’t a pleasant read but it is hella interesting and definitely one for the true crime connoisseur. I’d never actually heard of this guy before stumbling across this article and I spent a good time reading up on him afterwards. Apparently there’s a documentary about him that I might have to hunt for.

The Watcher

A family bought their dream house. But according to the creepy letters they started to get, they weren’t the only ones interested in it.

This is something of a classic in longform spookiness and it is deeply unsettling. I’d give anything to read a follow up that explains it all. Pure nightmare fuel, though.

Mysterious Circumstances

The strange death of a Sherlock Holmes fanatic.

This 2004 article might be my favourite of the bunch. It’s just so beautifully written – I’d absolutely lap up a film version of it.

The Murder House

A mysterious mansion. A murder-suicide. Paranormal activity. This is the true story of 2475 Glendower Place.

You didn’t think we could have an anthology of horror stories and not include one about a murder house? That would be pure sacrilege.

Let me know if you read any of these stories and what you thought of them.

Enjoy, ghouls!