I’m conscious of doing too many film posts on here as I know my mum doesn’t read them. Not that this blog is for any one person but getting the balance right is something I’m working on.

Blogging every day this month has been challenging in this ever-changing time period and I’ve been very up and down productivity wise. I have to go to war with myself around 3pm every day I’m not working, to stop myself falling asleep. I love to nap so much. There’s nothing wrong with it, I do trust in the healing properties of a good rest but it’s not always the wisest move.

I thought I’d just do a good old-fashioned catch up tonight, just to share how I am. I had Thursday and Friday off work so have been enjoying a long weekend. I’ve done bugger all except go to town on Bag of Bones.

I have also watched tonnes of horror – and I’ve stripped and fucked up my new hair colour – which was supposed to be blonde, so I had to strip it again. I love experimenting with colour and I’m lucky this mop can take a lot of battering. It’s now a light strawberry blonde but I’m going to have to spend the next month with my head in a bucket of deep conditioner. Worsel Gummidge is not the look I was aiming for.

(Retro British TV reference there for you).

I went to the movies on Monday (Miranda July‘s Kajillionaire, which was perfect) and have a few plans lined up over the next few weeks which makes me feel better about things. Glynn’s been interviewing for loads of jobs and I’m hopeful something good will come up soon. Otherwise, it’s business as usual and everything is much as it’s been for the last six months – except Autumn is just lovely, isn’t it? And Halloween is just around the corner.

Tomorrow I plan to use my Sunday wisely, by cleaning up and settling down with my tarot cards (I might try a reading for the week ahead) and I’m going to work on my grimoire. Pretentious hippy shit basically, but it helps me stay balanced and has brought me a lot of comfort lately.

Of course, I’ll also be spending plenty of time with Mr. King too – while absolutely, positively leaving my hair the fuck alone.

How are you?