I’m a little late in welcoming in this momentous holiday but that’s because it doesn’t have the same feel as previous years. I’ve just been going over my Instagram memories for the last 3 Halloweens and this time of year was always so pregnant with fun.

Usually we celebrate with my brother and Maddie by dressing up and going to a party local to them, in Folkestone. Of course this isn’t an option in 2020, so we’re doing the Evolution of Horror pub quiz with them virtually instead.

While I won’t be going the whole hog costume-wise, I’ll still do a little tribute to the most wonderful time of the year. Halloween simply won’t be cancelled on my watch.

Work this time of year has also historically been the best of times. I’m on the R&R team and we plan all the parties and incentives, etc. for the Customer Services area. We get to be creative, to work out what will engage people, raise morale and reward them for work well done throughout the year.

Halloween has always been our most popular event, as well as the usually scandalous Christmas do, and I’m really going to miss it this year. It’s not just the party itself, it’s the lead up to the 31st – the pumpkin carving in the break room, the dress your area competition. It all sounds really trite written down but I live for tacky Halloween decorations from the pounds shop and having to wrestle fake cobwebs every morning to get a clear view of my monitor.

So it’s a little different this year, so what? I can still wear cat ears to all my video meetings if I want to. I’ve still watched more than my fair share of horror movies since the 1st October (31 Horrors is going swimmingly). My black dresses will get their time in the moonlight, you watch.

Anyway, happy Halloween my ghouls, whether you celebrate or not!