Anyone else still working from home? How’s it going? I’ve leaned into it now, becoming very good at going to virtual group meetings with no pants on. Or completely naked, if I’m feeling fruity. The joke is that if my camera’s off, it’s because my baps are out. Which isn’t really a joke when it’s true. I just like to be free in my own space, what can I say? I do my best work in the buff.

I recently got into the habit of starting the day on the sofa and ending it in almost exactly the same position, having consumed almost 8 straight hours of Netflix while I worked, so that had to stop. My body was aching and a large indent was beginning to form where my butt had been planted all day.

Now Glynn is WFH too, I’ve upgraded to Beau’s bedroom where I have a proper little office set up which is super cute and will change the way I work forever, no doubt. It’s a miracle what a mini candied ginger & nutmeg candle shaped like a house can do for your work ethic.

Here are just a few things you definitely need for your own office space:

  • New mug (preferably one that’ll look good on Instagram)
  • New notebook (ditto)
  • Stand for mobile phone so you can read messages surreptitiously while on aforementioned video calls (when naked, a moot point)
  • Battery pack for keeping phone nice and juiced up
  • Mini candied ginger & nutmeg candle shaped like a house
  • Oodles of saved up podcast episodes, already downloaded and ready to go (I favour Evolution of Horror, How Did This Get Made and Sword & Scale)
  • Drawer housing secret cat snacks to bribe cat to stay with me.

So my husband is now the king of the downstairs, while I’m in the pink room with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star lyrics stencilled on the wall. I have a window again which means on a slow morning I can curtain twitch with the best of them. Alas, not an awful lot goes on in our road, not like Lewes Road where there’s always something kicking off, day or night. Is it too much to ask for a light fisty cuffs between neighbours?

The cat doesn’t know what to make of the new set up and wanders aimlessly between the two of us, but is also loving having our bed to himself.

I think when all this began I was talking a lot about how much I missed people. Well, while I still really miss my friends, I have adapted to not having to speak to the people I don’t really care for. No more small talk at the kitchen sink about so-and-so’s knee operation, no fake hellos to the dude who was really fucking rude to me the last time we spoke on the phone.

My group has shrunk considerably and now I feel just fine about it. I only have so much time and energy after all – and although I don’t mind that some people haven’t been checking in over lock-down because we’ve all got our own mental health to take care of, I think this whole period has cleared up a few things. Less is more, quality not quantity – all that jazz.

It’s also shown me that my dream of a quiet, content life isn’t so silly after all – and that success isn’t always measured by what we have, where we go and Instagram likes. I’ve really only ever wanted a place to feel as safe as possible, to be myself, to love and be loved. Anything else is a bonus and despite what my anxious brain tells me, despite the rollercoaster of pandemic emotions, I’m the luckiest woman in the world and I’m grateful for everything I have.

In short, we’re still taking one day at a time over here but appreciating what we have.

How are you?