“Do one thing a day that scares you” said Eleanor Roosevelt, and for some reason that resonates with me very much today. Especially since every day seems to be full of fear right now, and we really have no choice but to keep facing forward. My one thing a day is pretty much putting one foot in front of the other.

It’s the most wonderful day of the year and I thought about constructing the most frightening post imaginable. Then I figured, nothing is as horrifying – no villain as downright heinous – as a certain world leader. Nor the incompetent Eton-ion who claims to run our country, either.

The truth of the world we’re living in today is far scarier than my boy Chucky could ever be. We’re dealing with a pandemic, political parties who couldn’t care less about vulnerable people or minority groups (on both sides of the pond), historic systematic racism and antisemitism wherever we look, even within our own government. Global warming. To name but a handful.

How do you come up with a situation more terrifying than all that? Leave me with Pinhead over (NM)POTUS any day, I’d most definitely be safer and at least there would be some pleasure involved.

I’ve had to adopt a head in the sand approach when it comes to the news recently or I won’t be able to do anything else. It’s all too much and I don’t want to become so cynical I can no longer recognise the good in life. There are still things worth fighting for but it sometimes feels like we’re never going to get back to a good place. I despair of the people charged with keeping us safe, the fat cats (no offense to fat cats) who swerve COVID crisis meetings to play golf/go hunting (probably), who don’t see anything wrong with us all sacrificing a couple of our loved ones because they can’t get it together and/or simply do not care.

At least Freddy Krueger slices his victims up quickly, rather than slowly starving them to death. I’m trying to make this tongue in cheek but it doesn’t really work. We just have to plod along, day by day, the final girls and boys in our own everyday – fighting to one day defeat the big bad.

I do have hope and that’s what gets me up in the morning. I think the majority of us are doing the best we can, following the rules, keeping the people we care about safe. I hope it’s going to take more than a bad year to derail us for long. I am working to let go of my fear of the future, I can’t control it and I don’t want to spend my days worrying about it. Not when I can worry about so many other things.


I’m aware sometimes that my posts must sound very me me me. I’M struggling. I’M finding it all too much. I get suffering is all relative but I acknowledge, while we’re all having a shit time of it, that I’m one of the lucky ones. I’m not vulnerable, can work and have been working, can afford to eat. Can afford to sit here and complain about the state of the world while also benefiting from some of it. It’s not right and I want to continue educating myself and doing something about it.

Someone told me the other day (jokingly), that I wasn’t as fun as I used to be because I call so many things out now – and I felt good. Fuck it, we can all do something, however small and I don’t mind not being the fun one anymore.

Fuck knows about the structure of this post, it’s a mind vomit really but the gist of it is – life is scary, everything’s shit but we’ll get through it eventually. One day we’ll push through and there will be light. Then we can focus solely on the things that matter, like fixing the planet and fighting racism.

Happy Halloween, spooky ones! 🎃🎃🎃