Well here we are, a national lock-down for the next month – hopefully as planned from this Thursday to the 2 December only. Apparently our nincompoop of a leader has decided this will save Christmas and get those rabidly climbing COVID numbers down. I have more faith in Milli Vanilli making a comeback* than I do in the UK government but I do also think it’s probably for the best.

I’m concerned about my loved ones who live alone/struggled through the last lock-down obviously – and if I’m honest, I’m worried about us too but I also still believe we should all be doing our part – and no gathering is worth accidentally getting sick and passing it on to someone more vulnerable that I am. Also, I don’t particularly want to be ill either. If fatphobic rhetoric is to be believed, I’ve already got one foot in the grave as it is.

Anyway, I thought I’d aim to keep up the momentum I built from Blogtober and just keep going with the daily posts. Tomorrow’s post will explain more about that but yeah, I’m going to try and keep busy in all the spare time I have coming up. It might be quite interesting to look back on the Lock-down Diaries one day and laugh about this crazy year. I’m DEFINITELY going to amp up the magic too.

In fact, here’s a mini-second lock-down bucket list that I’ve just thought about this exact second:

  • Work on my Book of Shadows/grimoire
  • Work on my tarot card reading (practice on Glynn)
  • Bake one cake – preferably Coffee & Walnut
  • Spend all of November on a no spending ban (not including the pay day treats I’ve already picked up)
  • Finally watch The Lighthouse
  • Read 50 pages of Bag of Bones every day (and finish by 2 December)
  • Get my nails back on track (years of acrylic have annihilated them)
  • Cleanse, tone and moisturise every evening
  • Do some more structured candle magic (I have a book)
  • Enjoy my first lock-down birthday (I’m actually secretly looking forward to this)
  • Actually attempt NaNoWriMo (or at least log into my profile and look at it)

I do reserve the right to fuck every one of those things off if I can’t find the energy or the motivation though. I’m not allowing myself to feel bad for anything this time around and I’ll do what I can, when I can. One day at a time, baby – nothing more, nothing less.

Are you in the UK? What are your thoughts on lock-down?

*I wish.