It’s actually embarrassing to look back on last year’s resolutions for 2020. So sure was I that not only a new year, but a brand new decade would ring in massive change and I would finally learn to live my life without fear. Cute.

On re-examining the things I wanted to achieve this year, it all reads like a bit of a joke. Except, well I’m still standing, aren’t I? I’m still typing this with a degree of humour though that might waver from time to time. I didn’t leave fear behind completely but along with the rest of the world, I did face a goddamn global pandemic head-on, and that’s not to be sniffed at. Step outside my comfort zone, I said. Good one.

So I look back and it makes me smile. I was on the cusp of interviewing for the job I’ve been half doing since the end of January and it’s been a ride. I love it and feel frustrated with it in equal measure. Soon it might not be my job anymore and if that’s the case, I’ll be aiming to step outside my comfort zone again, to search for another role. Another place to start again.

It’s almost exciting.

I just don’t think I’ll be telling the Universe my plans this time around. Day by day is fine for now.

How have you fared this year?