I’ve noticed a few new people around these parts and I wanted to say a proper hello – and thank you for taking the time to be here. I am a very bad blogger in the sense that I don’t comment on other blogs nearly as much as I should, and this is something I would like to remedy in the new year.

I know it takes effort to read and comment – and I do really appreciate anybody who likes what I’ve written and relates to it. So thank you, honestly for every word, every encouragement – it means more than you know.

I recently removed my About page because I’m pretty bad at writing bios. The small excerpt *above* pretty much sums me up but maybe I’ll do a little intro for those who don’t know me well (yet).

I’m Christa. I recently turned 43 which sounds ancient when you think about it. I’m still coming to terms with being in my forties but honestly, it’s not such a bad place to be. I live just outside Brighton with my husband, cat and three gerbils. I have a 16 year old step son and zero desire to have my own children.

I’m a homebody at heart but I do enjoy eating out, the theater and going to the cinema. I have an amazing circle of friends to share those things with. Being without this year has been hard but it’s been hard on everybody. I’m excited for new adventures when Corona finally does one.

I’m a new Wiccan, have been practicing and reading up on it for around a year, maybe a little bit more. I’m taking it at my own pace but I love it. It has enriched my life threefold and just makes perfect sense to me. I find religion and faith fascinating but Christianity is not the one for this girl. I plan to become a powerful white witch and eventually, maybe, join a local coven but we will have to see what happens.

Otherwise, I love to read, write and watch horror movies. I have a podcast with my friend Matt called Hardcore Filmography but we’ve been stalled by Corona and need to pick back up. We’re going to explore the works of our favourite auteurs starting with John Waters (and by extension Divine features heavily). Watch this space!

In other news, here are a few things I dig/don’t rate:

Obsessed with

  • Stephen King
  • Shark movies
  • Horror
  • Acrylic necklaces
  • Gothic fiction
  • Self care

Could do without

  • Toxic people
  • Tomatoes
  • COVID-19
  • Diet culture
  • The patriarchy
  • Boris Johnson

Thanks for supporting a small silly blog.