I quite like looking back on posts from the year we’re about to leave. In light of how up and down 2020 has been, I’m glad I’ve been keeping up with them. In years to come I think it will be more interesting still to re-read them and take stock of how far we’ve come. Or how far we’ve sunk into our apocalyptic futures. Luckily, I look good in cyberpunk fashions and am not totally against cannibalism*.

Anywhoo. Here are my top ten most popular posts of the year:

  1. Cupboard love (May)
  2. What I’ve learnt about myself in lock-down: Part 2 (May)
  3. What advice would you give your pre-lockdown self? (May)
  4. Why Wicca? (August)
  5. Book of Shadows (August)
  6. Catch & release (October)
  7. Too late to apologise (October)
  8. Lessons (November)
  9. Volcano (December)
  10. The things I miss (December)

From this I can easily work out the months I was feeling most creative – and the months I was likely shoveling biscuits into my face while looking for new lounge wear online.

As a bonus here are a few of my personal faves from each month of 2020:

  1. New year, same lazy me (January)
  2. Thanks I hate it (February)
  3. Life in the time of Corona (March)
  4. You’ve been furloughed/The loneliness of the long distance worrier (April)
  5. How are you kind to yourself? (May)
  6. Black lives matter (June)
  7. Home (July)
  8. Take up space (August)
  9. The apocalypse is boring/Hard proof (September)
  10. Five creepy longform stories (October)
  11. Level up (November)
  12. Shop small (December)

Thanks again for all the comments, the likes and for reading at all. I’m actually feeling pretty stoked for what will come in 2021 – even if it’s piles more shit then at least I’ll have an outlet for my misery. I’d like to be way more organised this coming year, maybe actually planning posts ahead of time like a proper blogger.

How are you guys and what are your blog plans for 2021?