There’s a lot of ‘Let’s walk into 2021 quietly/nobody touch anything’ rhetoric flying about at the moment and I get it. There’s no fool like the fool who claimed 2020 was their year (all of us) and then watched all their optimism dribble away to dust three to six months in.

But regardless I’m still feeling that familiar tug of hope and I’m going to go with it. Personally, I spend so much time feeling scared of the future, which I can’t control – but I can control how I adapt and cope with all the new year has to offer. I’m under no illusion that it’s going to be easy, at least to begin with, but I’m going to try my best.

As such I’ve been thinking, not of resolutions per se but of things I’d like to achieve. A new job would be fantastic, sure and maybe I’ll find one I like better than the one I do now but there are more bite-size things I’d like to do – de-clutter, get my finances on track, grow my nails. Draw more, get back into cross-stitch – be more discerning in the books I read and the films I watch. Journal.

I’m even going to start mapping out my blog posts in a real diary – start treating it like the safe space it is, rather than a wasteland to dump my thoughts onto.

Here are my plans, in no particular order:

  • De-clutter and ‘finish’ the bedroom
  • Clear out my wardrobe
  • Stop spending – and no more fast fashion!
  • Utilise Goodreads and Letterboxd more
  • Use this Legend planner, which I got for Christmas – I can’t wait to use it with abandon
  • Plan my blog posts
  • Podcast – get Hardcore Filmography back on track with my partner Matt
  • Get back in the cinema (when we’re allowed) – I’ve missed it SO MUCH
  • Work on a screenplay – my colleague has asked me to do this with him and I’m curious about what we could come up with (it will be horror based)
  • Cross-stitch – I loved doing this growing up and I have so ideas
  • Draw more
  • Walk more – I’m rubbish at actually getting outside but there’s a channel that does guided walks on YouTube so I’m going to get busy with those from the comfort of my own front room
  • Yoga – ditto yoga. I need to get this beautiful body moving (and only because I feel I need the exercise) – so I’m going to schedule it in and take it at my own pace

The biggie

The biggie this year is to stop being such a yes person – and push back. I do a lot for a lot of people – and it’s not always healthy or fair. So I’m going to be conscious that what I give isn’t detrimental to my own mental health.

Take your meds

Oh, and I forget to take my meds sometimes so I need a system to get myself firmly on track. Life is wild without those little white babies.

Never lose this attitude

I’m looking forward to 2021, even if we spend the first quarter of it locked inside the house. At least I’ve got some projects to focus on.

What are your plans?