A new year, a new list of lovely books I want to read. Also a brand new reading challenge on Goodreads which fills me with joy. I’m pretty stoked I achieved 42/50 in 2020 given at least quarter of it was spent rocking and dribbling in a corner, whilst fanatically refreshing the news feeds on my phone.

Here’s what I have my eye on, in no particular order:


  • My 2021 goal is 52 books (one a week)
  • These are under half of that
  • 20 of these books are by female authors – which was only a semi-conscious choice
  • Only one planned Stephen King outing this year, though that will no doubt change moving into October
  • There are at least three books on here that I’m ashamed I haven’t read already: Little Woman, Wolf Hall and My Cousin Rachel
  • Most of these are thrillers or gothic literature – as usual!

I can’t wait to dig in. In fact, I’m going back to bed in a minute to finish my current book, The Cabin at the End of the World by Paul Tremblay. No doubt I’ll be reviewing most of these over 2021.

Happy reading, bookworms! What are you plans?