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Been So Long

I’m obsessed with Michaela Coel so it was a no-brainer to choose this film. And there’s been a lot of horror and emotion the last few weeks so it’s nice to focus on something a little less dramatic. Been So Long is an adaptation of a musical play of the […]

Down in the Delta

This week’s film is directed by the legend that is one Dr. Maya Angelou. I’m not going to speak about her in the past tense because she lives on always and has been one of the biggest constants of my life. My mother recently gave me Letter to my Daughter […]


Last week’s pick was a lot of fun and with a heatwave sweeping the UK, I wanted to keep it lighter still with our first foray into Black horror. Where better to start than in the hands of possibly the best dressed demon ghost I’ve ever seen? And Pam Grier […]


This man needs little introduction honestly – but he does have his own (Academy Award winning) theme tune to do the job for him so, it would be rude not to share it – see end of post. I can’t honestly argue with any of that. He’s a very sexy […]

She’s Gotta Have It

Sorry for the late post. I fell asleep after an eventful Monday and clean forgot to finish writing it. But better late than never, right? And here we are this week chilling with sexually liberated Nola Darling as she juggles three demanding men and a divine Brooklyn apartment. I know […]

Fruitvale Station

I’m running a little low on intros for the films we’re watching lately. It just seems so empty to be continually expressing how inhumane it is the way minority groups are treated by the police – and of course, racists and society as we know it. Even now in 2020, […]

Da 5 Bloods

Welcome back to the Blog Collab. Thanks for bearing with us while I moved house and got to grips with adulthood. I did a little update here if you’re interested in hearing how that’s going. This week we continue the theme of movies by black filmmakers with Spike Lee’s latest […]

The Watermelon Woman

You may spot a bit of a theme going down on Jill’s blog and mine at the moment – and it’s something we’re both interested in continuing until the end of the year at least. Black Lives Matter is very much on the forefront of most people’s agendas at the […]


I must apologise for the late Collab posting and for not being around much of late. I just haven’t had the desire to write and when I have wanted to, it’s been about a topic I have no experience of – and never will. I’ve just felt that nobody needs […]