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Tales from the Hood 2

I might be wrong here but I don’t think we’ve done an anthology before. But even as I type that sentence, I doubt myself. Perhaps my definitely more with it Blog partner can cast light on that? If I am right, then this is the first and it’s surprising. There […]

Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight

Quite by accident we find ourselves viewing another Ernest R. Dickerson directed horror movie. Bones of course, being the first. I’m not mad at him and I’m getting quite into his hip hop flavoured gory goodness, even if this one doesn’t quite hit the mark, despite demons, Billy Zane’s smuggest […]


Jill and I tackle a B-movie legend this week. Whether or not it’s considered a true classic, I’m really not sure but it definitely boasts an intriguing premise and a pleasing super 70s aesthetic – and paved the way for a slew of Black horror movies, many of which we […]


I find the world of cam girls absolutely fascinating to be honest and anything that gives an insight into the very real job of sex work is compelling to me. There’s a really good indie horror flick called Cam on Netflix which is nothing like this one but that I […]

Eve’s Bayou

Another gem from the Horror Noire list and this one is delicious, I tell you. Written and directed by the wonderful Kasi Lemmons – best known in my heart as Helen’s BFF in the best film ever made – it follows the trials and tribulations of the Batiste family as […]

Been So Long

I’m obsessed with Michaela Coel so it was a no-brainer to choose this film. And there’s been a lot of horror and emotion the last few weeks so it’s nice to focus on something a little less dramatic. Been So Long is an adaptation of a musical play of the […]

Down in the Delta

This week’s film is directed by the legend that is one Dr. Maya Angelou. I’m not going to speak about her in the past tense because she lives on always and has been one of the biggest constants of my life. My mother recently gave me Letter to my Daughter […]

Lovecraft Country

I think I’ve found my book of the year (so far), and although it’s actually by a white author*, it is very much rooted in the experiences of an almost all Black cast of characters. While H.P. Lovecraft infamously wrote in a derogatory way about non-Anglo whites (AKA. he was […]


Last week’s pick was a lot of fun and with a heatwave sweeping the UK, I wanted to keep it lighter still with our first foray into Black horror. Where better to start than in the hands of possibly the best dressed demon ghost I’ve ever seen? And Pam Grier […]

Such a Fun Age

Such a fun book, honestly. Well, maybe not fun but a great read and one that really promotes a different way of thinking about racism, one that is less overt, not so aggressive – but no less insidious for it. It really made me think and I really appreciated it. […]