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Tales from the Hood 2

I might be wrong here but I don’t think we’ve done an anthology before. But even as I type that sentence, I doubt myself. Perhaps my definitely more with it Blog partner can cast light on that? If I am right, then this is the first and it’s surprising. There […]

Down in the Delta

This week’s film is directed by the legend that is one Dr. Maya Angelou. I’m not going to speak about her in the past tense because she lives on always and has been one of the biggest constants of my life. My mother recently gave me Letter to my Daughter […]

Such a Fun Age

Such a fun book, honestly. Well, maybe not fun but a great read and one that really promotes a different way of thinking about racism, one that is less overt, not so aggressive – but no less insidious for it. It really made me think and I really appreciated it. […]