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You and Me

Much like I refer to people I follow on Twitter as my good friends, I feel a connection to this author based on my friendship with her brother-in-law. I guess what this means is that her first two novels have felt extra special to me, much like my friend Daisy’s […]

My October Picks

Here’s what I’m digging so far this month. The Haunting of Bly Manor (2020) After an au pair’s tragic death, Henry hires a young American nanny to care for his orphaned niece and nephew who reside at Bly Manor with the chef Owen, groundskeeper Jamie and housekeeper, Mrs. Grose. Obviously […]

Eve’s Bayou

Another gem from the Horror Noire list and this one is delicious, I tell you. Written and directed by the wonderful Kasi Lemmons – best known in my heart as Helen’s BFF in the best film ever made – it follows the trials and tribulations of the Batiste family as […]


You may recognise this week’s film from my Horror Noire post last month. Jill picked it and I for one am delighted. I’ve been looking forward to it ever since I read the synopsis and now it’s here… well, read on and I’ll let you know exactly what I think. […]

The Watermelon Woman

You may spot a bit of a theme going down on Jill’s blog and mine at the moment – and it’s something we’re both interested in continuing until the end of the year at least. Black Lives Matter is very much on the forefront of most people’s agendas at the […]


I must apologise for the late Collab posting and for not being around much of late. I just haven’t had the desire to write and when I have wanted to, it’s been about a topic I have no experience of – and never will. I’ve just felt that nobody needs […]

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

We continue Mental May with possibly the most stunning movie I’ve ever seen. I’m honestly a little worried about how I’ll talk about it, it’s just so… perfect. I’m thinking maybe we should just quit the month on a high and start again in June. Jill? Portrait of a Lady […]

The Land of Steady Habits

This week’s pick proves you can be angsty and uncertain at any age. And, despite it’s rockin’ cast, that’s about all it brings to the table for my taste. Still, Edie Falco is life. The Land of Steady Habits (2018) After leaving his wife and his job to find happiness, […]

Horse Girl

This week we examine serious mental illness with Alison Brie… or is it something even more complex than that – like aliens or time-travel? One thing’s for sure, you’ll likely leave this without answers and that’s okay. I say just enter this one with an open mind and ride it […]


An ambitious – if nothing else – tale this week from triple threat Marianna Palka. Bitch (2017) A woman snaps and assumes the psyche of a vicious dog as her checked-out, philandering husband attempts to keep the family together. *Spoilers* TW: Suicide attempt Jill (Palka) is having a time of […]