Not much about this whole pandemic is that fun. The novelty of staying in has very much worn off by now and most of us are itching to get back to some semblance of normality, whatever the heck that will look like.

But you know what I really like? When people tell each other to ‘Stay Safe’. It’s become something of a COVID catchphrase, in the vein of ‘Stay Home, Save Lives’ but easier to inject into everyday conversation. The older generation seem to favour it and I never tired of a lovely old man or woman telling me sincerely to stay safe.

I feel it profoundly. That person is on my side, doing what’s right and earnestly trusting in the process. Even though any one of us could be forgiven for not bloody understanding the process in the first place.

Boris’ so called speech about easing lock-down was completely WHACK and left almost all of us scratching our heads. Why is it so difficult to tell it like it is?

Anyway, the main thing I’ve taken from the easing is that I can see one friend outside as long as we social distance. That means coffee with Tora on Thursday and a meeting with Helen in the park on Friday. I’m so excited!

Other than that I’m not changing anything more until I feel comfortable. I went to return some packages at lunchtime yesterday and being out was stressful – so many people milling about. I feel like I’ve regressed as a confident adult out there in the world. It’ll take some training to get good at that again.

Anyway, stay safe everyone, we’ll get there soon.