I have to admit I’m really missing being out and about in Brighton in the lead up to Christmas this year. Now is the time we’d usually be enjoying mulled drinks in overheated tents after work, popping in and out of shops in the Laines for last minute ‘bits’ – and raucous office parties.

While the parties are firmly on hold, I know there are still ways to enjoy some of that – even in Tier 2 lock-down – but I’ve already decided to batten down the hatches and stay in as much as possible. It just doesn’t feel right this year. Instead I’m going to try and be creative with my Christmas shopping (I’m working on a Small Business post as we speak) and I’ll be putting up the tree this afternoon, in front of Christmas movies.

I’m aiming to watch as many of those as I can – some for the Blog collab – but so far I’ve just re-watched Office Christmas Party AGAIN because I love it. Also The Night Before because I’m obviously a 15-year-old stoner boy.

This year has been such a steaming pile of garbage that I think we deserve maximum cosiness and a little bit of magic right now. If I’m honest, I’m not really a Christmas person – I like it and I always enjoy it but I find it very stressful. I spin out in the kitchen (I bloody hate cooking) and always go way over budget on gifts which then makes me feel super guilty.

Our 2020 Chrimble is going to be way more chilled in that regard but will be the first in our house so I want it to be special. We’re planning just to get in loads of nice food and curl up in front of the box for five days straight. Gifts are on a strict budget – or not being bought at all – and it feels so freeing. I’d rather spend time with those people over dinner when things are better than swamp them with scented candles and toot they don’t need or want.

From a self-care perspective, I’m thinking lots of lie-ins, hot baths, afternoon naps, five-seven square meals a day – and a Disney Pixar overdose. I’m very excited about it, and I’m starting today.

What are your thoughts on the Holidays/non-denominational holiday mixer this year?

UPDATE THAT ABSOLUTELY NOBODY ASKED FOR: Got the tree down from the attic – but have lost the Christmas decorations in the move! So we have to wait for the new ones to arrive before we can officially dress the tree. Oh well, something to look forward to!