I must apologise for the late Collab posting and for not being around much of late.

I just haven’t had the desire to write and when I have wanted to, it’s been about a topic I have no experience of – and never will. I’ve just felt that nobody needs another middle-aged white woman’s opinion on something she can never understand and everything besides anti-racism seems pointless and frivolous to talk about.

As life on the surface goes back to whatever ‘normal’ is going to be from here, I don’t want to forget these conversations or the things I’ve been learning. I don’t want any of my actions to be performative – we all have to move forward and use our privilege to be good allies. So Jill and I have plans for the future which we’re just now exploring – or rather Jill’s had the ideas and I agree with them.

This week was a real eye opener and I’ve sat with my feelings about it for a few days. Honestly, as I type this I don’t even know how I’m going to review it. There’s so much I didn’t know or had never put together. I’m half tempted just to write “Just watch it” under my thoughts and leave it at that.
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