She’s Gotta Have It

Sorry for the late post. I fell asleep after an eventful Monday and clean forgot to finish writing it.

But better late than never, right? And here we are this week chilling with sexually liberated Nola Darling as she juggles three demanding men and a divine Brooklyn apartment. I know which one I’d keep around.
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Da 5 Bloods

Welcome back to the Blog Collab. Thanks for bearing with us while I moved house and got to grips with adulthood. I did a little update here if you’re interested in hearing how that’s going.

This week we continue the theme of movies by black filmmakers with Spike Lee’s latest offering – currently streaming for free on Netflix.

I feel Mr Lee needs little introduction but I will say I was excited for this one after seeing the trailer recently – and off the back of BlacKkKlansman, which I really enjoyed. Anyway, without further ado…
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