I haven’t planned anything breathtaking for The Fall Witch‘s debut blog post. There’s nothing particularly pressing on my mind today.

I called in sick to work and slept for most of the day. I feel like warm garbage and look worse. I watched The Knight Before Christmas and half-cleaned the bathroom. It’s a glamorous life for this Wiccan let me assure you.

What I can promise you however, is more magical content in the future. More movie and book reviews – and a lot of guff about mental health and feminism. I promise not to bring up religion or politics, except in the loosest of terms (Fuck you, Tories!).

Mostly I would like to share my life as a new witch. There are some things you just don’t tell but in general terms it’s such a beautiful philosophy (I’m wary about calling it a religion, even though it is one) and it’s really enhancing my life.

If you have followed me over from my old blog then you’ll already know a bit about how I came to start this but I’m planning to go from the beginning for posterity. I hope you enjoy the new vibe, I think I’m going to.

Until then, have a lovely evening/day!

The Fall Witch