I hate writing bios so I guess you could add ‘Shit bio writer’ to my About Me page and be done with it.

I’m not new to blogging, I’ve been doing this almost religiously since the year 2000, which next year will be 20 years (almost half my life). That makes this my longest term relationship. Trust me when I say it is definitely one of my most satisfying.

I’ve decided to start a new blog because I could feel myself getting restless on the old one, and sometimes a change is as good as a rest. The deal will be pretty much the same around the new gaff, only I want to share more of my Wicca journey so I’ll be cultivating more of a witchy vibe.

That’s about it.

If you’ve followed me over then thank you. If you’re new, hello and I hope you like bad horror movies and witches.

The Fall Witch