I’m going to have to think of a new name for this series, since I hardly post weekly – but here’s what I’m currently digging.

Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood (2020-)

A group of aspiring actors and filmmakers in post-World War II Hollywood try to make it big – no matter the cost.

Starring: Darren CrissSamara Weaving • Patti LuPone

Murphy’s latest is a very golden affair and heavy-handed as it may be, it’s very enjoyable. As always it’s very centered around LGBTQ+ themes but also tackles the topic of race and representation within the studio system.

Starring The Assassination of Gianni Versace‘s Criss, my standout is Patti LuPone’s Avis Amberg, former-studio WAG turned studio-head, who comes to make awe-inspiring changes to the way things are done at Ace Studios. While it does smack a little of white saviour shit, it’s pleasing to revel in the achievements of the team as they get their controversial movie, Meg off the ground – with a black leading lady and writer. There’s great support from Weaving, Laura Harrier, Joe Mantello, Holland Taylor, Mira Sorvino and a whole lot more.

I’m absolutely devouring it.

Supporting local/small business

Things are fucking tough for everyone right now so I’ve been trying to support my favourite small businesses during COVID times. This works out in my favour massively because I get to shop without guilt – something I enjoy very much. (And don’t worry I’m shopping as thriftily as I can and also saving money as a full government-sanctioned recluse).

I just had to share the prints I picked up from Brighton-based artist Tal Sharville, an amazing illustrator and all round good human. I don’t feel so bad about these as I see them hanging in the new house – the Mia Wallace one possibly in the kitchen…

Florence, Jodie, Mia

Tal’s Etsy shop here.

In other news, wardrobe staple Snag Tights recently sent out an SOS regarding their struggles during the pandemic. It looked as though all was lost for the brand given they weren’t eligible for government assistance. Well, they cooked up a clever plan, and with the help of their loyal customers, managed to smash their target. Which is incredible news because personally, I can’t imagine not having their tights in my life.

I’m also a massive fan of their Chub Rub Shorts which are imperative for a curvy girl if she’s going bare-legged in the sunshine.

Not mine, sadly

Nail art

I had to quit the acrylics at the beginning of lockdown so I’ve turned to gel nails at home instead. It’s so satisfying and it’s bringing out the nail artist in me. I was always into nice nails and getting acrylics has really wrecked the natural order of things, so I’m doing everything I can to get them healthy and beautiful again. 

I *think* one of the reasons the cat hates me is because he doesn’t like the smell of my nails but I’m afraid, I’m not giving them up any time soon.

Choose Love, Choose Our Carers, Choose Our NHS

I am loving these Choose Love x Choose Our NHS t-shirts. 100% of the profits from every item will be matched by ASOS and donated to the NHS, which is so cool. Lord knows the NHS and all carers are the heroes of this whole shit show and deserve every ounce of the praise they get.

They also deserve to be paid properly and given adequate PPE – and for the country to vote sensibly in the future (e.g. not fucking Tory), just sayin’.

Get your own at ASOS.

Lady V London dresses

I did a naughty splurge this afternoon which I have justified to myself in several ways. Firstly, the site currently has a VE Day 20% discount offer which is epic. Secondly, I’ve been saving money every week from not getting the bus, going out or buying lunch every work day. I’m also aware than when we’ve moved, I won’t have as much spare cash and any I do have will be put back into the home – so why the fuck not? Swish swish bitches.

I got these two beauties and I can’t wait to wear them outside or in the office.


Kingfisher Lyra dress in Fushia Mellow Yellow Maya dress

What are you digging?