A tiny letter, once a week

In a bid to reach a few friends who aren’t really into blogs and reading on the regs, I thought I’d start a new newsletter. I’ve called it Unpretty Updates and I figured I’d send it once a week as a kind of extension of this. Although it will contain all new content (whinging) and have more of a free flow (half-arsed) flavour to it.

I don’t really know what it will be or what it will become but it’s another outlet and I’m pretty sure my mum will like it. That’s pretty much my yardstick for doing most creative things.

If you fancy subscribing, you can do so below. I’d love to have you too!

Subscribe here.

4 thoughts on “A tiny letter, once a week

  1. Sounds fab! I’m so pleased newsletters have made a comeback in a big way; I love getting updates from people but currently am at a low point in my enjoyment of social media. Can’t wait to read (more of) your thoughts!

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