A blog post a day

I’ve vowed this before and failed miserably but fuck it. When times get hard, this girl gets blogging.

I vow here and now to post every day with something that springs to mind. A review, a thought, a song (not from me, don’t worry – maybe an anecdote about a song that means something to me?).

I don’t want to dwell on the negative right now. It’s all most of us can do just to get through each day in one piece.

I won’t even count this as my first post as I have a book post I want to finish tonight. Two posts in one day? It’s a anti-pandemic miracle!

How are you doing? ❤️

Project X

I realise I haven’t shared this with you yet and there’s a certain amount I’m only going to teaser for now – as we want to do a big reveal nearer launch time – but my lovely friend Matt and I have been working on a new podcast.

This one is probably a bit more niche than the last couple. Anyone who’s followed my side-lines in the past will remember All Out of Bubblegum and Say It Five Times.

AOOB actually ran for a couple of years and taught me how to sound relaxed (probably too relaxed) ‘on tape’. It also encouraged me not to hate the way I sound and has proven that when I’m talking about something I love, I’m pretty bloody good.

Meanwhile, Say It Five Times was a little more themed (horror movies) and we tackled a chosen film every episode. For that one Matt and I were joined by our ‘horror novice’ friend Sam and I have very fond memories of the experience.

Our next project is going to be an exploration of our favourite directors and their respective bodies of work. We’re starting with John Waters and his own particular brand of Avant Garde filmmaking purely because we’re both obsessed with him – not to mention his regular muse, Divine. Later we hope to do Lynch, Cronenberg, Wes Craven… you get the gist: directors with a horror edge.

So, I’m happy at the moment because I’m creating and I might sound like a millennial white man right now, but it feels good. I’ll share more when we’ve figured out how to edit the damn episodes and have gone ‘live’.

Oh, fuck it – we’re called Hardcore Filmography and you can follow our rather gentle teaser campaign here.

What have you been up to? ❤️

Thanks I hate it

Let me tell you a secret… I haven’t been loving my blog for a while now.

It pains me massively to say it but there it is. I’ve not been as engaged with it as I could have been and I want that old feeling back. And the only way I can think of to get it back is to keep on writing as much as I can and as honestly as I can. No big fix, no bells or whistles, just hard graft.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate what I’ve written to date and of course I love doing the Blog Collab – it’s just I haven’t been as inspired as normal to get to work. Now I have a more creative job that actually encourages me to use my writer’s voice, I’m hoping that will spark something.

Since Jill posted – excellently – about the soundtrack she likes to write to, I’ve been thinking about my own approach to blogging, or lack thereof. There’s currently no ritual involved and, especially as a new witch, I now understand the importance of a good dash of ceremony.

I tend to blog with my laptop on my knee in front of whatever toot Netflix has currently released. One eye on the box and one eye on what I’m doing. No space, no soundtrack, not even a comfy chair.

Stephen King has spoken about the importance of having a non-distracting writing environment and honestly, who’d know better? I have On Writing ready to read up on this very topic but there’s a good condensed checklist here. Luckily for me my wonderful mother gifted me a beautiful drawing desk for Christmas and it’s just crying out to be shown some love. So I’ve taken Monday off work and I’m going to set myself up with a fresh writing/artistic space, one that’s all mine.

Then I’m going to write every day, just as the big man says.