I’ve welcomed my new readers, now I have some thank yous to tend to.

Much as I always say I blog for myself, this is only true to a point. My mum reads me regularly and I love when I see she’s shared something with her friends. While she’s almost certainly biased AF, there is something affirming about people you care about liking what you’ve written.

Anyway, apart from my mother, I wanted to gives thanks to the holy trinity of blog friends (and IRL, too) who are there for me when I need a kind word, a collaborator – or sometimes, just some inspiration.

Meghan (Lightle-tainment)

My girl doesn’t blog a lot but she’s very visible on social and thank god for that because I need me a steady stream of Lightle goodness to deal with life. Meghan is definitely one of the coolest people I’ve ever met – we’ve been tight since the day we met as lowly Starbucks baristas back in Vancouver – and I don’t think I tell her enough how much that means to me.

Meghan, if you read this – you are the most authentic, the smartest and the absolute best. You inspire me to stay true to my own voice every day and there’s nobody even remotely like you. I hope to see you IRL soon.

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Lady K (Lady K’s Movie Dialogue)

Lady K is always there with an encouraging comment and it is so appreciated. I know 2020 hasn’t been the easiest for her (you can read more in her reflections post here) but she’s come through it with her sense of humour in tact. I’m actually in awe of how pro-active K’s been over lock-down – writing courses, quizzes – I lost interest in all that back in the first few weeks of quarantine and have been sloth-like ever since. While productivity is the least of our worries right now, K has made the best of a bad situation – and that’s refreshing to say the least.

Thanks for your unwavering support this year, Lady K!

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My wife, Jillian (The Pink Panther Snipes Again)

What can I say about this woman? Not only my partner in Blog Collab crime, also my friend – and despite the distance between us (UK to the US, baby), our contact means everything to me. Even if, yet again, I don’t say it enough.

Jill’s probably the only person I really speak politics with apart from Glynn – and there have been times things have been really dark for both of us. This might not change in a hurry but I am truly grateful to have found a kindred spirit in my blog wife. And one that encourages me to watch things I might not pick myself and to look at them critically.

Jill, you are a true hero and I love you! Can’t wait to see what tripe we watch in 2021!

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Thanks for everything ladies, I wouldn’t have got through 2020 without you, trust me!